Dmitriy Chetvergov

«This guitar is like a friend! I know everything about my instrument – what it was made of, who made it, where and how it was made...»
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Dmitriy Maloletov

«For a very long time I've been searching for a universal guitar, one on which I could play different styles with various techniques...»
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Sergei Vasilev

For me this instrument opens new horizons and possibilities for creativity, thus making me feel very happy. 100% pleasure! 100% Custom! 100% Exclusive!»
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Feodor Vasilev

«Any performer/instrumentalist is constantly searching for HIS instrument in order express his inner feelings in the best possible way...»
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Anton Gorbunov

«ERG AntonGorbunov model – this is the exact instrument that allows me to express my ideas in the purest way...»
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Alexander Kutikov

«At every concert I play my 4-string ERG bass. This instrument was made for me by the Israeli company; an instrument of very high quality...»
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Michael Sudjan

«Thanks to the companies supporting the «Mnogolikaya Gitara» contest and especially ERG Custom Guitars for giving young musicians a unique opportunity to play instruments of the highest possible quality...»
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Yuri Matveev

«It's a great happiness for a musician/instrumentalist to find an instrument that allows him to create a new sound and inspires new creative findings...»
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Feodor Dosumov

«From the first note the ERG guitar astounded me with its tight and expressive sound and deep sustain...»
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Igor Sandler

«When the masters from ERG arrived, not being a guitarist, I picked up one of their guitars and immediately wanted to become a guitar player!»
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The absolute core of a great sound in a guitar is the wood. It is the responsible for 70% of the sound results in a finished guitar.

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