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My name is Yaakov Hoter and I welcome you to my site. My goal at this site is to give you a friendly and comprehensive understanding of music- through Django Reinhardt’s fingers. A lot of thinking was put into this site. It is built up from many extremely focused lessons that lead to each other in a progressive way. One lesson is built on top of the preceding lesson in the most systematic way aimed to give everything you need to become a true improvisational guitarist.
Each lesson has a video preview and short text about what the lesson is dealing with. This way you can be sure you won’t pay for something you already know. Although you can start from any lesson you would like, my advice to you is, don’t make shortcuts and you will see that I will guide you through all of the necessary elements of Gypsy Jazz including the La Pompe rhythm as was used by Django Reinhardt himself, all of the required technique principles you will need to know, and all the way up to improvisation on the guitar at a high level.
At the end of your journey here with me, and only after you will follow all of my lessons without any shortcuts, I can promise you that you will be able to improvise on the guitar at a very high level, not only in Gypsy Jazz but also in any other kind of music you like. Although my passion lies with Gypsy Jazz I also know that all of the lessons you will see here will give you a broader knowledge in music and improvisation so that you will be able to implement it in other styles of music.   
The theory section on the site will deal with all of the theory aspects of music at large. It’s very important to completely understand what you are playing in order to be able to use it again at different situations and in different songs. I have tried to make all of the theory lessons as practical as I can, so you will see that it is very easy to understand and implement. Note that I am not going to offer you a bunch of guitar licks that at the end of the day you will learn almost nothing from. I aim to enable you to deeply understand and implement all that you learn here so that you will have all of the tools to really improvise solos on the guitar at a very high level. If you will stick with me all the way, you will have all you need to perform improvisations on the guitar at a very high level.   
I will add more and more lessons in the following months and I will spare nothing, until I will deliver for you all of the lessons that are required to achieve improvisational level on the guitar.


Study Gypsy Jazz

Study Gypsy Jazz

Want to learn to play gypsy jazz guitar? At  Studygypsyjazz.com   you’ll find everything you need, including comprehensive guitar  courses and professionally recorded backing tracks to compliment your gypsy jazz lessons.

We are passionate about teaching gypsy jazz, and our courses are specifically designed to help you learn at your own pace. Once a course is purchases, you will have life-time access to that course, and our website is compatible with both mobile and tablet technology.

Our guitar courses  consist of a series of HD gypsy jazz guitar video lessons, with footage of both left and right hands where relevant, and on-screen diagrams to help you learn as efficiently as possible. Courses also come with downloadable PDF material to use with the lessons, and exclusive access to a private forum where you can discuss gypsy jazz lesson material with your tutor and fellow students.

All the best and please visit Studygypsyjazz.com  to begin learning gypsy jazz guitar today!

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The absolute core of a great sound in a guitar is the wood. It is the responsible for 70% of the sound results in a finished guitar.

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Study Gypsy Jazz