My name is Alex Khaskin .

I represent the ERG Custom Guitars and Basses, hailing from Israel. 

We are dedicated to manufacturing custom made instruments of the highest world-class standard, with innovative look toward structural and tonal excellence. We constantly work toward making our instruments as easily playable as they are tonally superb. While looking toward innovation and future, we never forget the past. Embracing the instrument-making canons, we highly respect the near-century-old tradition of building custom electric and acoustic guitars, basses, upright electric basses, amps and centuries-old tradition of building Classical guitars and other instruments. We express this respect in every instrument we make.
We offer our own, custom designed pre-amps by Eddie Poliak and do not use any CNC machines at all, carving the whole instrument by hand, to the very last detail. Our “Neo” model acoustic guitars and “Princess” model semi-hollow guitars are carved out of one whole piece of wood, with no side bending involved whatsoever. We offer ground-breaking innovations, such as our patented and unique bridge for Acoustic guitars, upper fret-buzzing preventing technology, unique fret binding on the sides of the neck, avoiding fret bites for additional musicians’ playing comfort. We use most advanced contemporary techniques of wood finish on our instruments, including gloss, matte and more. We have developed our own method of finish, covering the instruments’ surface with the thinnest possible lacquer and varnish in order to keep its body protected, but “breathing” and thus, avoid “choking” the instruments’ beautiful tone. We have a stock of tone and top woods, all hand picked and aged by ourselves that includes most gorgeous exotic wood tops for basses and guitars. We are also always open for new ideas and experiments that could lead to fascinating inventions in the field of our craft. We offer a wide range of models and upgrade options of our instruments to satisfy various styles, genres and budgets. However varied our instruments are, they are all 100% handmade tip to toe and are invested with equal dedication and heartfelt personal care.
Ultimately, our goal is to allow musicians to express their best musical qualities with ease through our instruments, which is why we always create our products with the musician and his connection to the audience in the center of our focus.We are fortunate to have gained high recognition in Israel, Eastern and Western Europe. Some of our instruments made their way to other parts of the world and were praised for their highest quality. At this point, we have become interested in marketing our products beyond our current distribution area and USA, Canada and Australia is without doubt, is of high interest to us, with its beautiful and multi-faceted music scene.
We would be happy to meet with you at our workshop, and invite you to our showroom for demonstration of our instruments.
We look forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience and look ahead to welcoming you at our workshop and showroom in the next few weeks!
With warm regards,
Alex Khaskin
Marketing Director 
ERG Custom Guitars





The absolute core of a great sound in a guitar is the wood. It is the responsible for 70% of the sound results in a finished guitar.

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